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22 August 2021

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25 FEBRUARY 2021


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Learn how to become a professional online tarot card reader in 90 days or less with Tatiana Jones' bestselling tarot course.

Tatiana Jones have reopened her online course to a limited number of new applicants.


Tatiana Tarot QUIZ FUNNEL

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Color Upsell

Prior to check-out, option to upgrade to full color drawing.

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Personality Reading

Provide a personality reading of the customer’s soulmate.

Love Incantations

Prior to check-out, option to upgrade to full color drawing.

Weekly Astrological Reading

Provide a personality reading of the customer’s soulmate.

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Earn $359 Per Day As An Online Tarot Card Reader…

Hey FIRSTNAME, I was just at a big spiritual meetup mingling with some big names in esoteric circles..

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We discussed all things spiritual: astrology, magick, horoscopes - you name it, it got discussed. 

We like to plan for the months ahead and share our wisdom with one another, especially as most of us work in the spiritual industry some way or another.

Anyway, this week, a quiet but spiritually striking new girl arrived.

She introduced herself to the group as Tatiana, a coach for beginner tarot card readers. We all LOVE tarot, so of course, we were hanging on to her every word.

It turns out Tatiana has a pretty awesome job - she helps beginner tarot card readers turn their hobby into a full time work-from-home money making machine, and you'd never guess how much her students end up earning...

It's around $300/day - kid you not!?

It makes sense if you think about it, typically a tarot reading costs around $50-$100, right? 

So with just 3-6 readings per day, her students are earning more than $10,000 per month. 

How incredible is that!?

I know what you're thinking: "don't I have to be a professional before I can earn that much?"

The answer’s simple: No!!!

You can be a complete tarot card reading beginner, because Tatiana walks you through the entire process, step-by-step, teaching you everything you need to know about becoming a professional high-income earning tarot reader in less than 90 days.

She just reopened her course again for the next few days. I organised a special introductory discount for you, so if you decide to join Tatiana's course using the link below, you'll pay only $27 instead of the usual $99 for the full program.

Hope to see you in the Tarot circles soon.


PS. I know there’s only a limited amount of space available to new members so get in soon! Click here to join.

Email Swipe 2

A: Read the future. Make the money?
B: Ready to follow your intuition?


Can you imagine being making $300 daily, from you home, at your own time. 

Yeah, I know what you're thinking…. Heard this before. 

But this is the real deal. No empty promises.

>>> Check it out! Click here!

Deciding where, when and how much you want to work.

While being paid upwards of $300 daily

Doing what exactly? Helping others find meaning in their lives?

If it sounds too good to be true… keep reading.

Here’s the thing:

My friend Tatiana Jones, the world-famous tarot reader…

Regularly works with A-list celebrities, CEOs, and top athletes…

She’s FINALLY re-opening her signature online Six-Figure Tarot Course.

Think of it as a Tarot Academy

Created especially to train people like you…

To become an in-demand online tarot card reader in 90 days or less.

The best part >>> You need 0 previous tarot experience!

She’ll show you EVERYTHING you need to know to become a tarot master.

How to fine-tune your intuition… and bring hope, and guidance into your clients’ lives…

while earning VERY good money.

Remember when I said you can make $300+ / day? This is how much her students make on an average day.

Want to know more… Check out all the info on what the course offers.

=> Tell Me More About Becoming an Online Tarot Reader

To your stellar success,


PS. Tatiana’s courses got sold out FAST before. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Get in now before it’s too late.

Email Swipe 3: 

A: [URGENT] 24 Hours Only
B: Why the world needs you?


I got dozens of emails from people asking about Tatiana’s Six-Figure Tarot Course… she’s opened registrations again for the next 24 hours.

>>> Click here to register now. (You can always change your mind later. Just get your name in there before it’s too late.)

With so much uncertainty in the world…

making $300 easily while sitting in your sweatpants might seem like a pipe dream.

But Tatiana Jones, is a tarot superstar and online entrepreneur.

People who went through her course were blown-away…

The course is designed to empower everyday women and men …

to become sought-after online tarot card readers in just 90 days (or less).

Here’s the thing, {FIRST NAME}.

The money is great ($300+ per day).

The freedom is fantastic.

But the difference you make in people’s lives is the real reward..

I know you have empathy and love for the people.

What’s wrong with using your intuition and talents…

Taking them to the next level

And becoming a trusted guide… counselor… a soul healer.

If you bring your passion forward, you’ll be rewarded generously.

= > I Say “YES” to Prospering by Helping Others


PS. Only 9 spots left! Hurry and book your spot now so you can start making a good income on your terms. Join Tatiana HERE

Email Swipe 4:

A: Doing well in this economy? 
B: Don’t fall for the trap {FIRST NAME}


It’s not looking good.

>>> This is what everyone should be doing.

Unemployment has skyrocketed in the past 9 months.

Many are terrified of not being able to put the food on the table.

Experts are saying the hardship will spill over into 2022.

Why am I telling you all this?

I want to open your eyes to see the world for what it is…

And realize you don’t have to fall for the same trap.

Today you have a choice: play the victim...
Or SEIZE this unique opportunity..

I’m talking about Tatiana’s best-selling Six-Figure Tarot Course

So many have used this to successfully upgrade their lives.

You too can take advantage of a HUGE shortage of tarot practitioners…

In this MASSIVE $2.1 billion / year industry.

And if anything, it gets BIGGER with each crisis!

By becoming a professional online tarot reader…

You can work from anywhere you want…
Set your own hours…

While making serious money ($300+/day on average).

And what’s so great about it…

You help others find real meaning…

And support them in challenging times.

I know you have what it takes to be a world-class online tarot reader.

Upgrade your career and life.

=> Start Your Professional Tarot Card Reader Career Now

Rooting for you,


PS. Last chance! Tatiana is super busy with her client work and she doesn’t know when and if she’ll ever be doing this again. The course is closing soon. Get in and upgrade your life.

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