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22 August 2021

UNIVERSAL CHEAT CODES - Marketing Material Added


25 FEBRUARY 2021


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Master Li's Universal Cheat Codes distills the art and science of manifestation into a simple yet powerful formula which even beginner manifestors can use to magnetically attract their most heartfelt desires.




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1. Your number is up
2. What Cheat Code would you use, [Name]?


The most spiritually advanced monks all confirm that meditating on specific numbers (not empty words) is the quickest and most reliable way to manifest specific things in your life. 

Behind all our secret desires (behind everything actually)... are numbers working in the background. 

Money and finances, work and career, health and wellness, and even relationships!  

“but how can numbers affect my wealth?” 

Think about it. 

You have a specific number of teeth, eyes, hairs on your head, etc. When that number changes, our body tries to restore balance. 

When we get sick, what happens? Some chemical ratios (numbers) would have changed from the natural balance. All medicine does is restore them to their natural levels. 

When you think about everything, you’ll always find numbers working in the background. 

And when you learn how to meditate and manifest with numbers, you’ll be able to achieve what you thought was impossible

Master Li, arguably the most advanced numerologist in history, has formulated the recipe for tapping into these numbers of life. 

In his immortal work, the Universal Cheat Codes, you’ll find his secret formula for generating "cheat codes" that will manifest your deepest desires in any situation. And they work. 

You can go here to get these “cheat codes” and the miracles you can do with them.  


PS: He’s already getting too many requests from all over the world so you might want to be quick if you are interested. ‍


1. Secret Chinese Police met their match
2. The secret formula to get your deepest desire, [Name]



Back in 1991, the Chinese people were ruled by one of the worst dictators in history…

Chairman Mao Zedong. He murdered anyone who threatened his sovereign power. 

And the Secret Police, then known as “Guandong,” were his main weapon.

Like every dictator, Chairman Mao kept absolute control over the people by keeping them as poor as possible. 

Families lived under $0.9 a day, and many were starving to death. 

Dare protest, and the Secret Police will descend on you before you know it. 

This motivated a humble monk who developed a unique system that he claimed that anyone could use to manifest abundance in their lives. 

The Guandong soon noticed that more and more Chinese people stopped depending on the emperor’s providence. 

On investigation, they found that they’re being taught by that monk (His name was Li)… and he taught people how to use “cheat codes” to manifest anything they desired, including decent wealth and prosperity. 

But Chairman Mao would not have any of that. 

On March 31st, the secret police arrested Master Li. 

He was brutally tortured and remanded in prison. But, while his followers were sad, he was excited. 

He said that he saw it as another opportunity to use numerology to manifest his desire -- an escape. 

That would further prove that his methods worked.  

But escaping from the Secret Police was impossible. No one ever slipped from their grip. 

Master Li’s mysterious escape one month later is still one of the most talked-about stories in China. 

It was only 25 years later (after the regime’s fell) that he resurfaced and revealed the facts about his escape. 

His story and methods are believed to be the best way to manifest whatever one desires… using numbers. 

He left behind his immortal secret formula for generating numbers... "cheat codes"... which enables anyone to manifest their deepest desires in any situation. 

We call his legacy the Universal Cheat Code

Better finances? Almost all Chinese billionaires were Master Li’s students, including Jack Ma and Li Ka Shing. 

Better relationships? His students (including those he taught through his Universal Cheat Codes program) report how incredible their love lives have gotten. 

Numerology is one of the most ancient ways of manifesting one’s deepest wishes, and there’s no one more experienced than Li. 

Quickly learn his techniques when you get a copy of his Universal Cheat Codes program. 


PS: He’s already getting overwhelmed with too many requests from all over the world, so they might take the site down soon
>>> Unlock the secret formula and generate your cheat codes before it's too late

EMAIL OPTION #3 (made specifically for the Story Funnel, but can be tweaked) 

1. "Universal Cheat Codes"
2. You’ll never live life unfulfilled again, [Name]


Hey [Name],

One of the first things monks master when they start out meditating is how potent thoughts and words are. 

They are so powerful that many advanced monks believed that anyone could change their lives if they changed their thoughts. 

But when monks get more experienced and make more progress, they all agree that numbers are more powerful than words. 

Back in 1990, a young Chinese monk made a shocking breakthrough in his spiritual journey. 

He realized that behind thoughts and words… numbers are the main building blocks of reality. 

Raw figures. 

Numbers, when meditated upon, are even more powerful than words in influencing reality. 

He was getting excellent results, but he wasn’t convinced to reveal this breakthrough… 

till he got arrested by the Chinese secret police for helping people get out of poverty without the government’s approval!  

He was tortured and condemned to life imprisonment. 

His main desire then was to escape from the Chinese government and get back to helping people… and he knew just the way to do it. 

Using his Universal Cheat Codes

But escaping from the clutches of the Guandyong (the secret police back in 1991) was an impossible task. Anyone who they arrested was considered dead… GONE. 

But as Master Li himself explains to his students 25 years later, his ‘mysterious escape’ resulted from his mastery of numerology. 

Master Li refined and perfected his system. 

Having spent more than 30 years perfecting the art of manifestation with numbers… 

He has distilled it down to a simple set of numbers that anyone can use in any situation. 

He found that anyone could use specific strings of numbers to manifest exactly what anyone wanted to happen in certain situations… and that was clear when he escaped his arrest. 

The string of numbers that helped him escape was 771197917. (Read the story here.) 

The power of numerology got him out of a certain death sentence at the hands of the infamous Guangdong police force. 

That was when he realized that his knowledge was unstoppable… and he started to teach it to as many people as possible. 

Fearing that he was getting old, people may decide to hoard the knowledge for themselves… 

He decided to create a short program that will teach anyone the secret formula for generating "cheat codes" which will help you to manifest your deepest desires in any situation. 

The program is called the Universal Cheat Codes, and it’s powerful. 

Many Chinese billionaires now recommend it as the first education to their children once they reach the age of reason. 

When you find out the incredible power you’ll have through numerology… you’ll never live life unfulfilled again.


PS: His site might be taken down by the secret police, so you might want to be quick if you are interested.
>>> Get the codes before the site is taken down


1. This is your superpower, [Name]
2. I believe you can fly. Do you?
3. You are a superhero, [Name]


You are a superhero, [Name]...

Because you have a superpower...

But you probably aren't aware of it.

(I promise it's from an unexpected source.)

You simply need to gain access to this superpower, and it will allow you to...

Get unlimited abundance.Prepare for difficulties.Discover opportunities for boosting wealthMake your BIG goals a reality.

Visit this page to obtain your superpower.

The name of your superpower is Numerology. 

But I like to call it your Universal Cheat Code. 

It's an ancient mathematical study that artists like Leonardo da Vinci have long used.

The numbers will reveal shockingly accurate and revealing information about you with only your name and birth date.

However, don't take my word for it…

See for yourself by reserving a copy of Master Li’s Universal Cheat Codes. 

If you are frustrated or something is holding you back in life…

Or if you are simply not getting what you want, you MUST see this.

You'll have your superpower once you generate your cheat code with the secret mathematical formula.

There will be no more squandered time, no more going around in circles, no more letdowns, and no more disappointments.

It's just a faster way to get where you want to go.

The precise wisdom in this report will show you how to finally:

> Create the life that you want and deserve.
> Crush barriers that have been holding you back.
> Release the potential deep within you that is itching to be unshackled.

You don’t need to go into a telephone booth and dress up like SuperMan or SuperWoman to get your powers.

All you need to do is click here.


P.S. Numbers have inspired some of history's greatest artists and thinkers for centuries.

Consider Leonardo Da Vinci.

He believed that ‘there is no art without mathematics,' and that numbers possessed powerful spiritual powers.

And the good news is that you, too, can tap into the same source of inspiration.

You simply need to obtain your copy of Universal Cheat Codes.

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